Getting Started

To use our themes, you only need to take a couple steps. Take a look below to figure out what you need to do to bring your site ahead.

Step One: Choose Your Platform

Here at Preschiato Design, we offer premade and custom themes for both (self-hosted) and Choose whichever platform suits your needs best.

Step Two: Get Hosting

If you choose as your platform, you’ll have to get hosting and a domain name. There are many companies out there that offer hosting with affordable prices. WordPress suggest Bluehost, for example.

Step Three: Set Up Your Blog

Most hosting companies have a one-click-install of WordPress and instructions on how to set it up. For Tumblr, you just have to go to and register an account. Both blog platforms come with default themes.

Step Four: Make It Your Own

Now it’s time to find the right theme that represents you and your blog and brand. Both platforms offer easy-to-follow instructions on how to install a new theme.

Step Five: Go!

Now it’s time to fill your blog with content!