WooCommerce in a Week

Today I’m releasing something that has been in the works for the last two months. Ever since I started my shop and saw the questions other people were asking about WooCommerce, I knew I had to do something. This is why I’m bringing this free email course to you. Yes, FREE. You heard that right. This 7-day long course is delivered directly to your mailbox each day for a week.

I wanted to give something back.

I saw a lot of people struggling with WooCommerce ever since I started my solopreneur journey. And it really is a steep learning curve that might seem pretty daunting when first starting out. There are so many things you have to think about when setting up your WooCommerce store. Getting all of the pages to work, setting up taxes, and getting your products online.

This is why I have decided to create WooCommerce in a Week.

The course is about giving you an insight into what WooCommerce is and what you have to do to get started with this ecommerce plugin that is by far the biggest one out for WordPress right now.

What is going to be part of this course?

Once you sign up, you will get a welcome email which will include (among other things) a list about what we’re going to look at each day of the email course.

  • Day 1 : Meet the Woo Ninja and become part of the tribe
  • Day 2: Settings and taxes are the only certainties in WooCommerce
  • Day 3: Getting familiar with pages
  • Day 4: Your first product
  • Day 5: Bundled products?!
  • Day 6: Hardcore shipping
  • Day 7: Go, get selling!

If you really want to get started with WooCommerce and take the step towards your own online shop, this course is really going to help you not be overwhelmed by the multitude of choices within WooCommerce.

So just sign up below and get the awesomeness directly into your inbox.

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