Weekly Recap

Can you believe that there’s not even a week left in October? Where did the rest of the month go? This week has been absolutely crazy and some things in my offline life have kept from being present on my blog the way I wanted to this week. But I am fresh and ready to get back into it next week! Are there any things that you wanted to accomplish this week but didn’t get to? Let me know in the comments!

This week’s blog love goes out to:

The Value of Knowing Your Audience + How It Changed My Business by Intentionally Designed

Finding Your Edge by Kayla Hollatz

How I Stopped Freaking out about Money as a Solopreneur by Jen Carrington

The Freelance Life No. 51 | Stress by CoCorrina

4 Years in Business: How Long It Took to Grow Traffic, Subscribers, and Revenue by Sarah Morgan

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