4 Tips for Planning Your Blog

Last week, I wrote about how I write my blog posts and how I would perfect them for my blog. But, of course, you don’t create blog posts in a vacuum. Once you make this decision to take blogging seriously and treat it like a business, you need to think about a few things regarding your blog and where you want to take it. This is where your plan comes in and here are a couple of things that you need to consider when you create your blog plan.

1 | How Often Do You Want to Post?

Seriously. The moment I decided on this point, planning for my blog became so much easier. It gives you structure and forms the bases of your blog. Right now, I’m releasing 3 posts a week plus a weekly recap post linking to my favorite blog posts of the week. This works for me and my schedule. Usually, I plan to release a blog post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the recap on Sundays. This doesn’t always work out, but I am sticking to the 3 posts a week.

Action → Choose a schedule

It might seem pretty obvious to take this step, but I think a lot of people are overlooking it and then fall into this trap of not following their schedule and neglecting their blog. It really is a crucial step and should be one of the first things you think about when starting to blog. Consistency is key.

2 | What Are Themes within Your Niche?

This one is pretty much a continuation of step number one and the overall theme of your blog. In most cases, you’ll have an idea of what you want to share with people before you start a blog. So, if you want to give your blog schedule a bit more structure, you could assign different days to different topics. Say, you are a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. You could publish posts on beauty products on Mondays, fashion posts on Wednesdays, and, on Fridays, you could let people know about the latest lifestyle trends.

Action → Refine your schedule

This is really a step that depends on you as a blogger and a person. Some people need this defined structure and some don’t. But it definitely helps if you want to maintain a balance on your blog about the different topics you are writing about.

3 | Did you write it all down?

So far, we have only thought about the plan for our blog. It’s all in our mind. One thing that we should do, then, to not forget what we have planned is to write it all down. You can do this in your planner or in a spreadsheet – whatever works best for you. You could even just create a small list with the dates and the topics you want to discuss.

Action → Make yourself accountable

That is really what this step is about. Writing it down and putting it somewhere you can’t ignore it will make you remember your blogging schedule. You are making yourself accountable to yourself and your business. If you want to take it a step further, you could even publish your schedule online.

4 | What about collateral?

This is pretty much everything that you need to do besides the actual writing of the posts. I like to use simple check marks for this. So what are some of these collateral things? For one, I have a spot for revisions – have I done them? Then I can check them off. The same thing goes for the graphics for blog posts. I simply check them when I am done with them and have all of these items on one line in my spreadsheet. It makes it easy to see everything at one glance.

Action → Expand your plan to incorporate collateral

For organizational purposes, you should really consider adding boxes to your plan. That way you won’t forget to actually create the graphics for your blog or whether or not you have shared it already on social media.

What all of these tips are really about is to organize yourself. Without organization, you will soon run into problems with taking your blog from hobby to business. So why not start early and make the planning of your blog part of your routine?

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