Weekly Recap

This week has been filled with lots and lots of reading whether it be awesome blog posts like the ones below or plays and novels my classes and teaching. I’d like to think that reading a lot now will keep me on top of things, but, once grading starts in a week, I know that I’ll probably fall behind. But the farther I get ahead now, the more I’ll be able to relax in the weeks to come. At least that’s the plan. In the mean time, however, I will go on reading amazing posts helping me with my business and which are written by people far more awesome than I am. Read a few of those right here:

So You Want to Get Booked out in Advance? Here’s What I’ve Learned by Jenn Carrington

6 Things I Did to Try and Build My Business that Didn’t Work at All by XO Sarah

September 2015: Un-Income Report by Monique

The Glaring Issue with Social Media for Business by Elle & Co

5 Reasons for Business Owners to Use Periscope Now… And How to Use It by Taku Kumabe

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