3 Tips to Increase Your Social Media Presence

Increasing your social media presence can be difficult sometimes. You don’t just want random followers but rather followers that are a part of your target audience. That much seems obvious, doesn’t it? When you’re an introvert, connecting with your target audience might seem even more daunting than it does for everyone else. Having to put yourself out there can be extremely nerve wracking. I know I always have these nagging thoughts at the back of my mind when I post on social media and get no response. This is why I’ve decided to share three tips to increase your social media presence.

Tip No. 1: Slow Growth Is Not Bad

This is the one thing I always need to remind myself of. It is not the end of the world if I don’t gain hundreds of followers in one week or even one month. It really isn’t. And even if it might seem that way, it is no reason to just give up. Slow growth on your social media channels can actually be helpful as it can show you things you might have to work on. Maybe you need to rethink that hashtags you are using on Twitter and Instagram so that you can actually reach your target audience.

In any case, slow, organic growth of your social media presence is always better than getting hundreds of followers who are not your target market and will not bring you any sales. This is why buying followers doesn’t work and you should always keep it at the back of your mind. Slow can be beautiful and I think it makes work also easier.

Tip No. 2: Talk to People You’ve Been Following a Long Time

Okay, so this one is a bit more difficult if you’re an introvert and maybe a bit anxious. But it can be done. It might seem terrifying to just talk to people without really knowing them and what their reaction might be. However, if you have been following this person for a while and seen how the are on social media, you probably have a pretty good idea of what they will do when you talk to them.

And this can be as easy as just commenting on their pictures or posts about how much you love their advice or the picture. Seriously. People love it when you comment on their social media posts and it’s really the first step to getting to know someone. You can find things you have in common with that person and you might strike up a real friendship. Doing this with people you have been following for a while usually takes away the anxiety because it can feel like you already know the person in a way.

Tip No. 3: Post Content Relevant to Your Niche, But Show that You’re Human Too

Sometimes I think, ‘Oh, this is so trivial. No one will want to see me post this on Twitter.’ But then I have to push that thought aside. Simply posting links to your blog and work can be enough, but it can also make you look like a machine and not a real human being who’s behind the screen. I, personally, love it when I can see someone’s personality in their social media strategy. If you seem like a person, you are a hundred times more approachable on social media.

When you’re using apps to schedule your social media posts (like Buffer or CoSchedule), hop on every now and then and strike up a conversation with people. I know I need to follow my own advice more and it is terrifying to put yourself out there. But I also think that there is no easier advertisement for your business than using social media.

These are just three tips to increase your presence on social media. The key is to actually be social and connect with people. You gain followers and you are, in most cases, exposed to the other person’s following as well.

What are some of your strategies and tips to increase your social media presence? Let me know in the comments!

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