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Images Are Key

We all know that social media is where you need to be to bring your business forward. Over the last few months, Facebook has lost a lot of its value (I think), because you cannot get your posts seen by people who have liked your page unless you pay for ads and boosts. Twitter on the other hand is great. You can immediately connect with your followers and have Twitter chats and it’s just really, really awesome in getting your business out there.

But one thing that has been shown is that readers and customers are very visual and images are more engaging than a simple line of text. You can check out reason #13 by Holly and the blog post by Buffer she is referencing to see what influence images can have on your Twitter presence. You are already creating awesome images for your products and your blog posts. So use their full potential and put them in your Twitter feed.

These findings should lead you to one conclusion. You need to use social media that relies on images more so than on text. And no, I do not mean Pinterest (though it is also a great tool!). What I mean is, use Instagram. Instagram is a great way to connect with your followers (similar to Twitter). The only thing is that you’re doing it via images. The image is the focus of each Instagram post. Grab the best product photography you have and put it on there. Add relevant (!) hashtags and comment on other people’s images that might show similar interests to yours.

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What’s New At Instagram

The great thing now is that you don’t have to create special images for Instagram anymore (they used to only allow square images and you had to crop them). Now you can take your featured images and show them in all their glory on Instagram.  The new visual editor on Instagram is the biggest change (in my opinion) the app has undergone since I have been using it.

Hashtags? Are #awesome!

Use those hashtags on Instagram the same way you would use them on Twitter. Make them relevant to your product or image in general – no one likes to see images in a hashtag that has absolutely nothing to do with what is shown. (False advertising anyone?) One thing to keep in mind, however, is that there is no character limit for the comment section of Instagram posts. You could, if you wanted to, add as many hashtags as you want to your images. It is a bit annoying, though, when the section with the hashtags is longer than the image itself. Focus your hashtags and try to limit yourself to 10-12 per image.

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You already have these amazing images. So get your butt in gear, open that Instagram account, and start posting your beautiful content. Don’t let it go to waste!

What Do You Think About Instagram?

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