That Humanities Degree Is Not A Waste

Repeat after me: It is not a waste.

I might be a bit biased, considering I, myself, have a humanities background. I am actually currently going to school to get my PhD in Literature.

But I want you guys to know one thing. No matter how many people will tell you that your degree is absolutely useless and you should rather study something in a STEM subject or business, go to school for what you love. It will make your experience with higher education so much better and fulfilling to yourself. And this is what college or university is really about. To find yourself. To try out new things. To find something that will make you happy.

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But there is still that nagging feeling when you decide on a humanities major. What am I going to do with this degree? Will I find a job in my field of study? These are questions that you need to ask yourself. If you find that that is not the most important thing for you, go ahead and choose that Russian Lit degree. If you think that the lack of job security will be a major problem for you, you need to think about it again. Talk to your parents, but also to your friends and school counselors. (Parents tend to be biased.)

So Why Is It Not A Waste?

You will wonder why a humanities degree is not a waste when there is a very obvious lack of job security in those fields (and you don’t want to become a high school teacher). The reason is that you learn a lot in those subjects that is useful in a wide variety of fields. Some of these things that you learn are:

  • you see the big picture with all the little connections
  • you’re a better writer in most cases
  • you get to see society through different artefacts (books, music, etc.)

Just these three things make you and your degree incredibly valuable. With the rise of content marketing, it is important that you’re able to express yourself clearly and efficiently.

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Don’t Let Anyone Else Dictate The Value Of Your Degree

One thing to always keep in mind is that your degree will always be as valuable as you want it to be. No one else is able to take away your experiences and your knowledge. So, if you want to get that humanities degree, go for it!

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