Why You Should Use WordPress

So you started your online business. Maybe you opened and eBay or Etsy store and now you want to expand your business. You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket after all, right? Right. You want to have your own presence on the internet. It means control. If you only have a shop on another website (in this case, eBay or Etsy), you’re always at the mercy of the site owner.

Just take Etsy, for example. Do a search in the fora and you will find a plethora of posts about how much people dislike the changes Etsy has made to its site and the way stores are displayed. But no one can do anything about it because it is Etsy’s playground and they make the rules. They want to give their website a certain look? They do it. And that is okay! It is their brand after all.

Then we have blog sites like Blogger and WordPress.com. You are again at the mercy of the owners of these sites (Google and Automattic, respectively). You can customize Blogger sites and have your own theme, but you can’t do the same on WordPress.com. You have to choose a theme from the WordPress theme repository. This means that you are limited in the design of your blog/website (even if there are a gazillion themes in the repository).

Let’s look at another option to create your own site. A lot of people who have online shops use Shopify. I think Shopify is great and I definitely wouldn’t tell anyone to not create a website with them. However, through the paid model, you are, once again, at the mercy of Shopify and their IT people.

If you want to get away from other people controlling your business, I would recommend that you create your website with WordPress.org. It is the basis for WordPress.com and powers up to 25% of the internet today. Biggest perk: It is completely your own! You can do whatever you want with WordPress.org because of its GPL license and the possibility to create plugins and themes for yourself (or you hire a developer and designer).

So, as you can see, it’s not that WordPress.org is better than the other options I have mentioned and I am definitely an advocate of employing more than just on option. But, with most other options, you don’t have the amount of control you have with WordPress.org and I think that is one of the major points why you should build your website on WordPress.org.

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